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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

12th August 2014

Posted on 8/12/2014 by host2 host2

Perfect fishing conditions??.....

At one time I would agree, pictures like this would always get the fishing bug to bite even me but in the last two to three years I have noticed how the recent hot summer days when there is no wind and no rain in sight really does make the fishing very difficult...even at Pennine! Gladly the weather is cooling down and the fishing is improving on a daily basis, intermediate lines are still recommeded although some anglers are starting to pick up fish on buzzers. As from this Wednesday we are introducing around 300 fish and then again on Thursday as the fish farms are slowly getting more confident that they can transport fish without losses. Please try and give any returned fish it's best chance of living by returning the fish in the net and if possible to keep the fish in the water when removing the hook, many thanks  As a fishery we can only do our best in these conditions and be honest with you and pray for a much cooler Autumn.
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