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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

13th July 2015

Posted on 7/13/2015 by host2 host2

The welcomed rain and cooler temperatures have helped......

Much better conditions this week as the temperatures drop down to around the 16 to 18's and with lots of cloud around it bringing the fish much higher up once again. Buzzers and bloodworms are working well in the windy corners generally when fished as a washing line method. Also floating fry's have produced near the water fall on the lower lake with Mr Joe Southern catching 13 fish in a short spell. Other hotspots have been from the first two benches on the top lake with fishermen having great fun early mornings on black beetles and cdc patterns. Fish of the week goes to Mr Dave Armstrong from Poynton with a nice double caught on a damsel fished from a floating line. Double points on the gold tag fish competition this week and plenty more doubles due to be stocked, please remember if your on a kill ticket and you choose to kill a big fish please bring the fish to the cabin so that we can photo the fish when it fresh as they don't look great after being sat in the bag for 4 hours or so. Thankyou.

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