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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

14th August 2017

Posted on 8/14/2017 by host2 host2

Drum roll please.......

Well guys and girls the Trout Fisherman top 100 waters have been announced and its seems I have preformed worst this year despite having multiple photo's of fish exceeding 20lb best at 24lb 6oz and having the biggest rainbow trout caught by a junior angler for the year at over 22lb! This years ranking was 69th....10 places lower than last year, the highest ranking water to me at 10th is currently boasting of a rod average of 1.5 per angler where as I'm at 7.5?? The highest placed small water is currently closed due to poor water conditions and has been for a month or so. Also 26 of the waters above me are not even Trout master waters. I contacted the editor Mr Russell Hill a gentleman that judges the rankings, now remember this guy has never fished at Pennine for some advise of how I can improve my rankings but he failed to return my calls....which I made plenty, Russell if you see this or if somebody tells you about it please give me a call. OK then back to what really matters....for August the fishing has been great, buzzers, dries and daddies have worked the best with lots of fish rising all over the lakes. Try bloodworms if the sun is out on slow sinking lines from the dam wall areas where the water is at its deepest. Fish of the week goes to Mr Peter Fletcher with another 20lb plus fish caught on a yellow egg fly fished from a floating line. 

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