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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

19th January 2015

Posted on 1/19/2015 by host2 host2

Update on the new events for 2015.....

As from the 24th some of the new features we are offering the 2015 season are kicking in with the new Gold Rush competition and the loyalty card. Firstly the new competition, this is based on the currant tag fish competition and the £1 entry is needed  to qualify to be entered. The competition is based on a points system, the more gold tags you catch the more points you collect and the winner will collect the prize of £250.00 after the allotted time of 4 months. A league table will be updated and displayed in the ticket office and the top 5 anglers will be posted on our Face book page with any current news. The loyalty card is well worth asking for as it offers great savings for the regular visitor at Pennine and it's free the register. Fish of the week goes to Mr Gary Green from Rochdale with a nice double caught on a lure fished from a sinking line. Although Gary caught his fish quite deep down as a rule the fish have stayed very high in the water with even dries catching fish in the afternoon especially in the bay area. Try bloodworms, skinny damsels and even floating fry's on your floaters with the cats whisker snakes and minkie patterns working well that bit deeper down.

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