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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

1st August 2012

Posted on 8/1/2012 by SuperUser Account

It's buzzer time!...........

Although fishing has been great at Pennine I have had a quite few reports come back from fishermen regarding other close by fisheries really struggling to have any type of consistent catch rate, and with the fish that they do catch are at a such a poor quality with marks and generally very thin due to catch and release. We all know fishing in August can be difficult but I think with a lot of thought and good management fisherman can still get good value for there money in a very difficult time. Ok thats enough of other fisheries business let me tell you about Pennines week, it's mainly been about buzzers. Black, brown or olive the colour does not seem to matter as long as it's skinny and fished on the surface to 4 foot. With quite a number of anglers boasting catch rates of 20 to 30 fish within a 8 hour ticket, which puts to shame the 1.5 rod average currently displayed at a nearby venue. Intermediate lines are still worth a go with olive damsels and small minkie patterns working well around the 4 foot mark. The aerators are still producing good catches, although they are not always switched on all day so make the most of them when they are on. Fish of the week goes to Mr Dave Waterstreet from Newton le Willows with a personal best of 15lb 4oz caught on a buzzer fished from a floating line. Fish average has dropped to 4lb 7oz but the rod average is at 8.5 fish per angler. The blues continue to be a big hit with plenty around the 5lb mark being taken and lost!!!!
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