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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

1st June 2017

Posted on 6/1/2017 by host2 host2

Almost perfect weather........

After a brief hot spell the weather seems to have settled to almost perfect fishing conditions with lots for fly life being around all day. Temperatures are up and around the 17C to 21C for the next few days which will be unsettling for most fishery managers but we are blessed with lots of water.....and depth so fishing should continue to be excellent. Best tactic's have been dry's and buzzers with a number of anglers catching up and around the 20 fish mark, Andrew Greener being one of them catching 22 fish on buzzers on a day that hit the 29C mark and only a 2 mph breeze! Other notable catches were Mr Pete Flechter with a limit bag of 26lb all to egg patterns fished from the first bench area on the top lake, Mr John Morris with 2 fish for 19lb plus 17 fish returned in a brief 4 hour spell. Just a funny one to end on a correspondent From Trout Fisherman rang me this week to congratulate me on my fishery being in the top 100 stillwaters in the UK......Firstly I thanked him for the placing and asked him how many waters were judged, he said there is 100. Then came the question on who judges the placing's.....fisherman perhaps??? he said the editor judges, on which I replied Russell Hill to my knowledge has never fished Pennine so how can the placing by accurate? The correspondent had no answer for this, but I wanted to explain further how we surely must beat last years dismal placing (think it was 56th) as we have had a staggering 109 doubles caught so far this season with 7 of them being over 20lb, with the best weighing over 24lb all with in my eyes decent tails. Brown trout up to 12lb and blue trout up to 7lb......and with a current average size weighing out at 3.75lb.......surely there is not another 55 waters within the UK with better stats, really looking forward to the publication of the "Top 100" stillwaters to see how I'm placed........ 

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