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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

23rd February 2015

Posted on 2/23/2015 by host2 host2

Still very tight at the top.......

After a week of double points on the Gold Tag competition its only made the leader board even tighter with 15 anglers in contention of winning the £250.00 prize, currant leader is Mr James Marshall with 3 tags but there is 8 other anglers still only 1 fish away from catching him. Another 10 gold tags are ready to be stocked and will be in before the weekend. Fishing this week has been really mixed with the wind playing a big part on the depth of the fish, the had a couple of days when the wind was a slight southerly and the fish seemed to be much higher in the water and generally began to follow the wind perhaps in the hunt for the odd buzzer hatch. But mainly its been a nasty easterly which can make fishing difficult no matter where you choose to fish. All that said another 9 doubles out this week and a few anglers hitting 20 plus fish in a session, father and son combo Andrew and Evan Miller from Bollington leaving with a bag weight of 27lb with also a good number of returns. Fish of the week goes to Mr Jack Brook from Sheffield with another full finned rainbow caught on a white and yellow lure fished from a intermediate line.

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