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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

25th July 2012

Posted on 7/25/2012 by SuperUser Account

Mass amounts of flylife desend on Pennine's waters..........

The water is like a soup of natural insects as sedges, buzzers and daddies hover around the waters surface, These types of conditions are perfect for the buzzer and dry fly fishermen but it is now a time when you may find yourself struggling to catch on some waters more so if you only fish lures, but not at Pennine as we continue to stock on almost a daily basis with a great selection of rainbow and blue trout. The blue trout have again proved a big hit with their quick darting runs and their big aerial display.Right back to the fishing, floating lines continue to work best on the cloudier days with buzzers, mini damsels and cdc daddies working well. On days were there is a lack of ripple try the washing line tactic with a booby or a cdc buzzer on the point you may find this tactic keeps your flies in the catch zone for a greater amount of time. On sinking lines olive zonkers, white and green fritzs and montana style flies continue to be sucessfull when fished around the 6 foot mark. Fish of the week goes to Mr Gareth Wade from Homefirth with a personal best caught on a white lure fished from a sinking line. Fish averages continue to hit the 5lb mark of the third week on a run with a rod average staying around 6 fish per angler. We shall be continuing with the blue trout this week with also a good deal of fish around the 8lb mark and also the Pennines famous doubles!!!!
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