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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

26th January 2015

Posted on 1/26/2015 by host2 host2

New season starts on Tuesday......

New season at Pennine starts on Tuesday 27th January, we are stocking plenty of the big doubles for the Troutmaster badge hunters also the Gold tag competition has started and the new loyalty cards are ready to be handed out. This season looks to put Pennine back to its best with over 400 doubles ready to be stocked throughout the start of the season and with around a tonne of fish around the 5lb to 8lb mark plus a increase in the base line stock  fish, fishing is going to be very good. Best tactics for the start of the season will probably be lures as these fish have seen nothing, probably better fished on a intermediate line at a depth of around 5 foot. Try something bright to begin with like a cats whisker or white fritz then once the bites dry up then switch to a lure that's a bit more drab like a damsel or olive tadpole. Fish of the week goes to Mr Warren Hessey from Blackpool with a plump double caught on a orange egg fly using a floating line from in front of the cages.

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