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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

27th March 2013

Posted on 3/27/2013 by SuperUser Account

Doesn't it look pretty................

This was my view early Saturday morning, thankfully the wind picked up and started to push the snow into more manageable piles which then resulted in 5 foot drifts!! I can clearly remember this time last year we had the temperatures pushing 20 degrees..... crazy weather! But in saying all that we are now in a better position, the roads are all clear the car park is almost snow free and the fish are ready to bite your flies. The anglers how have braved the weather have had some monster catch rates with hundreds of fish pushing into the bay for the warmer spring water. Egg flies, bloodworms and mini pink lures have produced well on floating lines with the standard damsels and black fritzs/blobs on a intermediate line. As the customers have been few and far between we don't have a "fish of the week" this week, but that only means that they should be double the amount of big fish for the Easter week.
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