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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

28th August 2014

Posted on 8/28/2014 by host2 host2

More fish go in......

The continued stocking is beginning to make a difference as catch rates begin to climb, although some days are still tough this is usually down to the weather being to bright and therefore the fish are generally a bit deeper at around 8 foot. The cooler and duller days fish have been much higher in the water with buzzers, daddies and black spiders fishing well in the rippled areas. A good tip is to cast at the rising fish and then strip your fly back quite fash to trigger a take. Sinking lines are still good with olive rabbits starting to fish well in the 10 foot mark, also try Black cats, hot head damsels and black minkies still around the 10 foot mark. Fish of the week goes to Mr Chris Tyrrell from Mirfield with a personal best caught on a white goldhead fished from a floating line. Other notable catches have been Mr Paul Davis from North Wales with 24 fish to black coramants fished from a Di3 line and Mr Malcolm Holmes from Blakely with 14 fish best at 14lb (returned) and a nice 6lb blue trout.
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