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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

3rd November 2014

Posted on 11/3/2014 by host2 host2

The unseasonal weather continues.......

We have been blessed with some great weather over the last couple of weeks with a more predicable pattern to the fishing. It seems to fish a bit better around 10am as the water warms up slightly and the natural fly life beings to appear. Buzzers and bloodworms are still fishing very well throughout the day you just need to adjust the depth of your flies in the water column to suit the time of the day. Generally a great tip for the early morning is to get a few casts near the cages on the top lake, try a floating fry or a bushy black wet fly and strip it quick away from the cage, this seems to produce a few fish but soon burns out as the fish seem to get wise and drop down a bit deeper. On the intermediate lines snakes, white rabbits and black fritzs are all worth a cast, try not to fish to deep as most of the fish are in the first 6 foot of water. Fish of the week goes to Mr Mike Pilling with not the biggest fish out but wins on merit as its a blue trout, he caught the fish on a Pennine special the blue flash cats whisker.

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