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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

4th June 2015

Posted on 6/4/2015 by host2 host2

300 plus shoal of fish......

Anyone who walks pass the first bench on the top lake lake must be crazy as on a more detailed look you can see a black slick of fish, rainbows, blues, tagged fish and even the odd double. Why the fish are holding there is a mystery as they have been there for quite a few weeks but one thing is for sure there are lots of them. I've even noticed that if you catch one of them around 10 others will be chasing the fish around while it's hooked?? this behavior is more like what I see with barracuda in Cuba.....strange. Best tactics have remained dries as there is lots of naturals around as from around 10am, while the lures are still working for the bigger fish you still should only fish them in the top 4 foot of water even on a bright day. Try a black snake or a olive damsel. Fish of the week goes to Mr Willie Duffy, not the biggest fish but a great family day out which is what's fishing all about...well done guys (sons Laurence and William). Great forecast for this weekend so expect good fishing at Pennine, plenty of doubles waiting to go in.

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