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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

18th February Report 2012

Posted on 2/18/2012 by SuperUser Account

Spring seems well on it's way with temperatures hitting 14c, something that at Pennine is unheard of in Febuary. Long may it continue.......

The milder temperatures continue to attract the fly life to Pennines waters with skinny black quill buzzers still accounting for lots of fish. Egg flies catching well near both cages with the white hotspot doing the best. Sinking lines with blue flash white fritz and now the well used "snake fly" continues to do well.Fish of the week goes to Mr Darren Lord of Blackpool with a stunning brownie of 16lb 8oz  (probably the biggest brownie out this season for the north west of England, that has a picture to prove) Darren caught the fish on a yellow booby fished on a sinking line. Best catch of the week was Mr Keith Noble from Sheffield with 20 fish from the lower lake mainly to damsels and snake flies.Fish averages work out at 4lb 1oz per fish with the average angler catching 8 fish per session. Tag fish has paid out on 6 tags, two to the same guy in the same day and it's not Mr Lawson Bedford!!!! Mr Frank Callagan caught 2 green tags in the space of 2 hours winning him £60.00.
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