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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

March 21st 2012

Posted on 3/21/2012 by SuperUser Account

The fish have more than the fly life to contend with this week as the bay area starts early with the tadpole run.......

As most of us know spring is very early this year, with temperatures hovering around 14C it's made the fishing trends a bit different from previous years. Methods that are usually for late April are continuing to out fish the "winter patterns" and now with the influx of thousands of tiny black tadpoles this can only do wonders for the fishing. With all that said how as a fisherman do you compete against the all the natural food to make your fly become top of the trouts menu??? Try smaller type lures preferably black or dark olive, remember the tadpoles!! on calm days try and fish them quick and near the banks were there is cover from the bulrushes or at the edge of the drop off, look for the fish bow waving this is a good indication that they are willing to chase. When the conditions are a bit more windy try and drift your flies at a more slower pace with buzzers and hackled spiders, when fishing this way you cannot fish them "to slow" remember the size of the insect you are trying to replicate and adjust the retrieve to suit. Back to the fish of the week, this goes to Mr Luke Tunstall from St Helens with a 18lb 11oz rainbow caught on a olive goldhead lure fished from a sinking line. Best catch is awarded to Mr Joe Jackson from Tyne and Wear with 19 fish mainly caught on bloodworms and yellow egg flies. Fish averages are up this week to 4lb 2oz with the average catch at 8 fish per angler. This week should provide fisherman with plenty of fish in the 5lb to 8lb mark as we are starting to make headway through the 2 tonne of them that we have at the fishery ready for the next delivery.
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